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Lesson Plan

The Perfect People is the story about one little girl's reaction to encountering people with disabilities. Princess Caitlin's interactions with the people of her kingdom are a springboard for talking to kids about disabilities and for inspiring inclusion and understanding with other people who deal with life differently.

We encourage this book to be used in classrooms to start the discussion. If you are an educator you can now download a suggested lesson plan to help in classroom discussion after reading the book.  

Download Lesson Plan for grades K-2 

School and Library Visits

Princess Caitlin herself can come to your school!

Caitlin D'Avignon and Danielle D'Avignon,

Cathi's daughters, are available to read the book to your class or library and lead a question answer session with the students afterwards.

Danielle reads and Caitlin answers questions about living with her disability and her similarities with the Princess Caitlin character. 

Details: The sisters are available to reach schools and libraries in the tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. We recommend a small environment of grades 2 and 3 and a half hour to 50 minutes to read and discuss the book. 

They are also available for a QnA over skype with your class if you've read the book already.

For an idea of Danielle and Caitlin's interview style, watch their fun video on the rules of the game Uno!

Please Contact Us if you wish to set up a reading. 

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