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Radio Interview

Aired as part of Cincinnati Local Edition on NPR. Interview performed by Thane Maynard.

Interview with Thane Maynard - aired WVXU/NPR

"Cathi’s legacy of creating a story to teach children about how to treat people with disabilities is now being carried out by both of her daughters. It is being shared with the world just as their mother had wished." Read More.

Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities Article

Interviewed in our home about our mom, the  story of the book's publishing and our dreams for the future.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

5 out of 5 in all chatagories including Grammer, Pacing, Production Quality, Plot, Character Appeal, and Voice

"We get a sense of setting, natural meetings, layered existences for each person, and good emotion in the story for each character, matched by the lovely illustrations. Young readers will be eager to see who Princess Caitlin meets next..."

Check out our review on SPR Book Review!
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